Our services

Our services

sales-commission horses

We take horses in commission, where we handle the daily training, promotion and dialog with potential buyers.

For further information please contact Johanne Amby Ubbesen on +45 24 98 31 31.


We are always interested in acquiring new, young horses. Primarily between two and four years of age. If you have a horse you considering selling, please do not hesitate to contact us. We focus on realising the true potential of any horse - in the best possible way, knowing that all horses are different. If you have a horse you think has potential,
please contact Johanne Amby Ubbesen on +45 24 98 31 31.

Horses for sale

At Nordentoft we always have a lot of quality horses up for sale.
We have horses at all levels, ages and sizes so don't hersitate to contact us.
Contact: Johanne Amby Ubbesen:
P: +45 45 24983131
M: Ja@nordentoft-eq.com

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